Fernando Homes Incorporated

About Fernando Homes Incorporated

Nick Fraraccio: President/Owner

Home building is very rewarding. I love my job. I let my homes and my customers speak on my behalf. “Word of mouth” has been, by far, my best promotional tool. As well, the tradesmen/subcontractors who work for me have been superb. They’re workmanship and loyalty has been solid since day one. I’m always on site because I need to know what is going on at all times, making sure that my trades are taken care of, and I need to see that all work goes as planned.

Building a home for curb appeal and using certain interior & exterior finishes for aesthetic purposes, is of course, very important. However, what’s most important to me is making sure that every home I build has the best structural integrity. This involves using the right lumber for particular heights, proper concrete strength, correct number of supports, which floor joists and spacing to use for certain spans, additional steel re-bars, etc.

When building a home with Fernando Homes Incorporated, you will be sure to receive exceptional service every step of the way. For instance:

  • Explaining contract documents in detail.
  • Continuously maintaining contact with my customers during and after construction.
  • Explaining each stage of construction.
  • Informing customers what to expect when they move in their home.
  • How to best maintain a home.
  • Providing the best after sales service.

All blueprints are designed exclusively by Fernando Homes Incorporated, thereby offering to customers:

  • Innovative designs: layout of each home designed to suit each family’s needs.
  • Latest decorating styles: every model home decorated to the latest style.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Heat Return/Recovery Ventilator, energy-efficient windows, high-efficiency furnaces with ECM motors, R-22, R-24, R-50 insulation, spray foam insulation, structure-insulated panels, tankless hot-water units, geothermal heating & cooling, etc.

Bottom line, a home purchase is a huge investment. I want my customers to get the best value for their money in their home and the service they will receive. It is all for the purpose of one common goal:

Customizing homes that are beautifully built and built well.